My First KAL

I have never participated in a KAL (knit-along).  I rarely follow patterns (though I often start out with the intent that I will), so the idea of knitting from a pattern that is doled out in pieces over several weeks has always sounded well – painful and annoying!

As Thor and I are planning on settling in Portland, Oregon, however, I have been busy testing the knitting waters.  They are quite welcoming!  Not only have I started meeting up to knit with other knitters at a local New Seasons grocery store (which seems to be the Pacific Northwest’s version of Whole Foods), but I signed up for my first KAL.  The KAL, designed by Portland native Michele Lee Bernstein aka PDXKnitterati, is in honor of the Rose City Yarn Crawl.  (By the way, Portland is also known as PDX and Rose City.)

The initial instructions for the KAL recommend using semi-solid or solid colors. Michele notes:  “Think sky or rain (this is Portland, after all) for one of the colors, and your favorite flower color for the other.  You’ll want to have a lot of contrast or pop between the two colors. 

PDXKnitterati_yarnsLYS For Yarn’s Sake (also a sponsor of the yarn crawl), recommended Knitted Wit‘s single-ply fingering weight, 100% super wash merino (4 oz./475 y) by local dyer Lorajean Kelley.  As shown by this picture from her post, Michele selected one skein in a deep, rich burgundy and the other in a slightly blue-tinted silver.

The colors Michele chose are gorgeous, but I already have a lot of sweaters and scarves in the deep red-burgundy-eggplant color range.  Also, as my hair is long and silver-white, I GuitarYarn2don’t like to wear light colors too close to my face, I selected Knit Wit different colors.  I wanted to share them with you using not a piano but, continuing the musical theme in Michele’s picture, Thor’s classical guitar,  handmade by luthier Michael Thames, as their support.  🙂  These colors are Golden Delicious and Buckle My Shoes.

To tie these colors to the KAL theme, I guess I could say the blue skein looks somewhat like the waters of Crater Lake on a bright, sunny day, and the green skein craterlakereminds me of the fresh celery sold at the local farmer’s market.

In any event, I’d say these colors pop!

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14 Responses to My First KAL

  1. I like “spring grass” better than “bunch of celery!” 🙂



  2. slippedstitches says:

    I be eager to see it start to come together. I love the colors you chose. They remind me of sky and spring grass.


  3. babywren says:

    I love these colors, can’t wait to see what you end up knitting!


  4. Thank you … And I shall endeavor not to change your pattern to make something else, as I am wont to do! 🙂


  5. Yes indeed … I look forward to seeing the coLors chosen by the other KAL participants!


  6. Thanks … I am doing my best to avoid what one of my friend’s once called my old color pallet: “bran muffin.” 🙂


  7. Given the Michele Bernstein’s other designs, whatever it is I am sure will be lovely!


  8. Me too … Tho, truth be told, I am a little anxious about feeling tied down to following an actual pattern! 🙂


  9. needleandspindle says:

    KALs are by their nature connective. What a great idea to make it part of getting to know a new city. Enjoy!


  10. Your colors really pop, and they are gorgeous. I look forward to the KAL with you!


  11. Lovely yarn color choice!


  12. jengolightly says:

    Portland sounds wonderful, with the lovely apples and the farmers markets, I wonder what you’ll be making!


  13. kiwiyarns says:

    That sounds intriguing! I love your photography of the yarn and guitar! Looking forward to seeing what happens on your KAL!


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