Norwegian Weaving: Veskje (Threading Explanation)

NorskWeavers (2)Following my last blog post and with the English translation of Norwegian weaving terms I prepared, a weaver should be able to decipher the instructions below.  (Give it a try!)   Yet probably still confusing for English-speaking weavers in their first attempt at deciphering a Norwegian weaving pattern is the vevskje, the threading explanation (i.e., how many warp threads per centimeter).  (Pic source)

For example …


Teknikk                  Lerret

Renning                  Solberg bomullsgarn nr. 10/2 ubleket

Inslagg                    Solberg bomullsgarn nr. 10/2 rød

Vevskje                   40-10, 1/4

While the first number, 40-10, indicates 40 threads over 10 centimeters, the second number, 1/4, indicates how many threads will be put in each heddle and each dent:  1 means one thread through each heddle; 4 means four threads through each dent.

Thus, the vevskje 40-10, 1/4, indicates you will warp your loom at 160 threads per 10 centimeters or 16 threads per centimeter.

Skjebredde                Ca 1,0 m

Inslagg pr. cm           9

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2 Responses to Norwegian Weaving: Veskje (Threading Explanation)

  1. Come on, you weaver you … try a Norwegian weaving pattern! 🙂


  2. Susan says:

    Interesting. Thank you. We always love to have people DO THE MATH for us!! I am going to send these on to a weaver who does a lot of Swedish weaving…YES, I KNOW it’s a different country 🙂 but she ‘goes’ all over the map.


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