Fun @ BSG

Last night I received a text from my friend Summer in California asking whether I planned on attending the annual Black Sheep Gathering (BSG), held in Eugene, Oregon.  (It started this morning, Friday, June 24, and runs through Sunday, June 26.) If so, Summer asked, was I willing to buy and send her a Jenkins spindle she had her heart set on?  (But of course!)SummerSpindle

So 20 minutes after opening time on opening day, there I was in front of the booth displaying the “fine wood tools for fiber artists personally handmade in Scotts Mills, Oregon” by Ed Jenkins.  Summer particularly liked two of his designs – Delight and Lark.  I selected a Delight spindle (1.02 oz/29g) in Brosimum rubescens (aka Bloodwood).  I thought its color and grain lovely, and I hope Summer will too.

Woolywalkers4Woolywalkers1Dragging myself away from the beautiful spindles, I had walked only a few feet when my eyes were drawn to Wooly Walkers and the lovely punch needle rug hooking creations of Una Walker.  I’ve never hooked a rug in any manner, so I when I saw her sign inviting passerbys to make a small coffee trivet, I immediately sat down.  An excellent teacher, Una soon had me punching, using two strands of colorful Romney wools.  As we all know, one can never have too many fiber hobbies, CoffeeTriveg2so I left her booth not just with my coffee trivet but with a punch needle (by Amy Oxford), several large hanks of Fancy Tier Crafts Heirloom Romney Yarn, an 18″ square piece of Monk’s Cloth and a Morgan 5″ No-Slip Hoop.  (As soon as I got home I made another coffee trivet and hope to make another before I go to bed tonight!)

BautistaRugDetermined to make my way through BSG’s Marketplace without buying any more yarn, I stopped up short to gaze at (drool over?) the amazing rugs of Bautista Hand Wovens.  Franciso (a fourth-generation master weaver) and his wife Laura have over 46 years of weaving between them.  And of course I asked; their  young children have joined the family weaving tradition!

I loved the blue tones in this churro rug shown here held by Francisco.  As I left Francisco’s booth with this rug rolled up and tucked under my arms, I consoled myself I didn’t technically buy any more yarn; I bought a rug.

Besides, our new house will have wood floors throughout, so a rug is actually a necessity, right?

In for the penny, in for the pound (as the saying goes), I stopped to admire the beautiful colors of Melanie Dilworth’s Black Trillium BlackTrilliumBlackTrillium2Fiber Studio.

I remembered reading Michele Lee Bernstein’s (aka PDX Knitterati) recent post “Re-introducing: Twin Leaf Crescent,” a shawl pattern she designed to showcase Black Trillium Fibre Studio’s 165 gram BlackTrillium5five-color gradient set (shown in the above left picture).

I couldn’t resist.  I left the Black Trillium booth with another purchase:  Melanie’s gradient set in the Tidewater colorway and a copy of Michele’s Twin Leaf Crescent pattern.

Okay, this was a yarn purchase – but only 165g!

BSG_goatBSG_alpaca2I next walked to the other side of the fairgrounds to visit the building where I was sure to be safe (trans: I would make no more purchases):  The building housing wool-bearing livestock! This was a spinner’s delight, and I was sure I wouldn’t be tempted to buy fleece!

PuraVidaAlpaca2But, alas, while I didn’t buy a fleece or even any more yarn, I bought another rug – a felted alpaca rug in tones of deep wine from Pura Vida Alpacas.

But at least I didn’t buy any more yarn!

The BSG runs for two more days … But can I stay away?!  Should I stay away?!

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15 Responses to Fun @ BSG

  1. It’s a fiber addiction!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. kiwiyarns says:

    You had me giggling. I thought that all your purchases were very justified.


  4. salpal1 says:

    ut-oh, I see another skill causing you to invest in a new and different fiber stash! Can’t wait to see the rugs you make.


  5. My pleasure … I look forward to seeing pictures of your yarn!


  6. I just ordered Amy Oxford’s book on rug punching. At my request, Thor has been drawing up some interesting patterns for a rug for me to consider!

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  7. Thanks for the heads up. I look forward to knitting it up.


  8. It was – I went on all 3 days!


  9. salpal1 says:

    what lovely things you got – and your absolutely right, rugs are not yarn. Unless you plan to unravel them and use them for knitting. 🙂 love the new hobby – soon you will be making your own rugs and the floors of your new home will be warm and toasty. 🙂


  10. Thanks for sharing your experience at BSG! I’ve never been to one; it’s on my bucket list but I have company coming tonight so this is not my year.

    Thanks for buying Twin Leaf Crescent, too! The yarn is lovely, and I hope you enjoy my pattern. Not sure which version Melanie has printed, so please check on Ravelry for a correction to Row 17 in the decreasing leaves section. The newer versions have this corrected already, but I want to make sure you don’t run into a problem.


  11. Libby says:

    How I wish I could have been there! Heaven!


  12. Thank you so much for getting my spindle! Love the yarn you chose, as well. Looks like you had a fun day!


  13. Oh yes … So soft on the feet!!!


  14. Marit says:

    You are so funny!!!! Getting into those alpaca rugs, are you? 🙂


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