Weaving TOG Granddaughter F

Granddaughter F will be here in a few days!  Every visit my goal is to teach (or remind) her a hand craft.  This visit it is weaving (again), and my 15″ Cricket loom from Schacht awaits her.  (Her last weaving project was done on a Harrisville Design’s lap loom.)

CottonLoopRugCottonLoopPlacematsIn preparation for my Granddaughter F’s visit, I ordered two (matching) kits from Cotton Clouds:  The Cotton Loop Rug (left) and the Cotton Looper Placemats (right).

WaitinWeavingPicg for the kits to arrive, I envisioned us sitting companionably in the long summer evenings, happily chatting, as we connect the loops into the weft yarn.  Then we would weave side by side – Mormor (grandmother) on the floor loom and Granddaughter F at the Cricket.

I saw it so clearly in my mind!  I shared this bucolic vision with Thor, who, knowing both Granddaughter F and me, mildly suggested I might want to revisit that vision.  I was resistant to that; my plans were perfect!

CottonLoops (2)Then the kits arrived; my vision began to tarnish.  Each kit consisted of an 8 oz. spool of cotton rug warp and 3 pounds of cotton loops for the weft.  I hadn’t realized how many loops would be in 3 pounds!

After taking several hours one evening to connect 3 pounds of cotton loops, I knew my energetic 8 year old granddaughter would not find much fun in looping all tCottonLoopsWefthese into weft!  Here is the pile (to the left) of loop-weft I made from the first 3 pound bag of loops.  Thor, thankfully, did not say “I told you so.”

The next evening I sat down with the second 3 pound bag and connected the loops.  I saved approximately 25 for Granddaughter F to loop together herself.

CottonLoopRugWeavingI next warped my floor loom for the rug and the Cricket loom for the placemats. I have already woven several inches of the rug on the floor loom; tomorrow I’ll weave one or two of the four placemats on the Cricket.

Ahhh, as I admiExcitedGirlre the colorful rag cotton loop rug growing on my loom, another vision forms in my mind’s eye:  Granddaughter F walks in, sees the looms and exclaims, “Oh, this is beautiful!  Which loom is mine?  Please – puh-leeze – can we start weaving?!?!”  (Pic source)AngryGirl

I’ll let you know if my visions had any link to reality.  There’s always a chance Granddaughter F won’t be excited by the prospect of weaving.

Were you successful in encouraging your (grand)child to weave?  Any tips to share?

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16 Responses to Weaving TOG Granddaughter F

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  2. Being a total fiber devotee, I couldn’t imagine her not liking it, but that is just me! Let me know how it goes!


  3. I look forward to that!


  4. The Cricket is all warped and ready to go, and later today I’ll show her how to wind weft on a stick shuttle. Hopefully I’ll see a glimmer of interest?!?!

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  5. Yes, she loves the color. Thor and I, however, are unsure about where we’d put the rug. In the interim, my daughter has hinted broadly that the rug would look perfect in her house.


  6. So far the most dangerous thing she’s done was to try to cut the cord of the apron rod instead of the warp ends I asked her to cut. But I caught it in time!


  7. Well, so far, she’s connected a lot of cotton loops for the warp, and she likes the color and the rug. She hasn’t shown much interest in weaving at the Cricket but I’ll keep trying (gently!). 🙂

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  8. We will. She’s been here for a few days and we’re having a wonderful time. She already helped me cut the rug off the floor loom. When I laid it out on the floor, she asked, “May I step on it?!” 🙂

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  9. Nothing more fun then weaving with bright colours – it’s sure to be a hit!
    Enjoy the visit! ❤


  10. I’m sure the bright colours will lure her in 🙂 have lots of fun x


  11. radquitemad says:

    I remember being around 8 years old and I was insistent that grandma teach me how to knit. Mom was scared I’d poke my eye out with the metal needles, and had dad make me wooden versions out of dowel rods that were sharpened like pencils and then sanded down. Anyway, I think you’ve got the trick of it–have it available and the little’uns will come around interested. Doesn’t matter if there’s a finished product or not! My grandma’s gone now so it makes me particularly happy to know you’re doing the same thing she did. Have fun crafting together!


  12. Susan McKee-Nugent says:

    Those are bright colours so I am sure she will love them…tell her I said SO 🙂 I know how our minds work………


  13. Pretty! I have a Cricket I haven’t gotten out in a while… I was making fabric for a wrap and ran out of yarn – of course, when I went back for more, there was none. Sigh….. I will have to roll it off and see how much is done, and how much I can salvage! Good luck with your Granddaughter loving it – I am sure she will!


  14. Marit says:

    Well… if granddaughter F isn’t delighted, friend M will spend winter days with you doing this! 🙂


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