Sunny Visit

I recently returned from my visit with my daughter and her family over my grandchildren’s spring break from school.  They live in the blindly-bright and parched city of Sacramento, California.  While I brought an easy knitting project with me (a beautiful Koigu lace merino), I never picked up the needles:  The bright sunny days beckoned me.

moleHaving arrived from the cool, grey-sky, wet, emerald green environment of the beautiful Pacific Northwest (a mere 1.5 hour flight to the north), stepping outside of the airport I felt a bit like a mole squinting in the blazing California light.  Though it was still spring, for the duration of my visit I didn’t go outside without dark sunglasses, long sleeves and a big shade hat.  (My dermatologist once told me I dress like a dermatologist.)

We took one day to visit the Marin Headlands, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I spent a lot of time as a youth in California hiking on the beaches and in the hills near the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  Later I was delighted to introduce my daughter to hours of happy tromping around these same hills and beaches.  


The olfactory memories on this almost warm, nearly windless day were incredible.  If anything, due to the land restoration projects the GGNRA is even more beautiful than when I was young.  Today I share these pictures with you.


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10 Responses to Sunny Visit

  1. I am glad you enjoyed the pics. It was a fun trip!

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  2. It was an uncommonly great day for our day of hiking there! 😊


  3. Oh yes … my father grew up in SF while cows grazed on the hills in his (SF) neighborhood! Cows weren’t there when I was a child.

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  4. knitsbywhit says:

    You have me missing my old home! So happy you enjoyed the Bay Area and time with your family.


  5. heatherinsf says:

    Such a pretty spot, I am right over the bridge from there, you had a great day for visiting!


  6. Beautiful photos. Glad you enjoyed the trip, and thank you for sharing all your photos.


  7. A great visit … and lovely weather too … Sac never got over 75 while I was there. And 75 is plenty warm for me! 🙂


  8. Marit says:

    Makes me home sick. Glad you had a good visit.


  9. I’ve always loved brisk, salty breezes … almost always found at Pt. Reyes!


  10. Susan Mckee-Nugent says:

    Oh good for you. I too remember tromping all over that area and esp going out to Point Reyes.


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