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Oats and Hart

Ever have those days where a childhood taste or smell memory sweeps through your body, bringing you thoughts of a sweet, warm time?  I had one recently. I remembered sitting in my mormor’s (grandmother’s) kitchen, where, over freshly made havrekjeks … Continue reading

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It’s official: I’ve become my grandmother.  My mormor, a farm-raised woman who lived her whole life outside a little town in southern Norway, wore aprons every day.  So do I.  At any time I can be found puttering around the … Continue reading

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Stress-Combating Fiber Arts …

For years I’ve appreciated that my fiber arts – particularly knitting and weaving – can combat stress and/or anxiety.  Since 45 entered the White House, my fingers have only reluctantly picked up my needles or warped my looms.  However, I … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

Many people who blog about their forays into fiber arts and crafts are motivated by an attempt to “get back to” the basics:  making their own clothes, reducing their corporate-created consumption footprint and eschewing the fast fashion industry.  For related … Continue reading

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Knitting & Kneading

As my hands have only recently returned to a state where I can knit without fear and bandages, I had been putting more attention to bread making.  Fun!  Proofing has been challenging in these cold, winter months.  Because we use … Continue reading

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A Few Pictures of FOs

  After Thor’s Valentine Day sweater was blocked and dried, he graciously agreed to model it for blog post pictures. First Picture:  Raglan sleeves work well on Thor.  This picture shows how the faux (twist) cables I worked in between … Continue reading

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The Knitter Kneads

On my last birthday, Thor gave me a Panasonic bread machine.  I loved it (still do), and it encouraged me – after a 30 year hiatus – to start making bread again.  (I enjoyed having the bread machine as I wanted … Continue reading

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