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It’s official: I’ve become my grandmother.  My mormor, a farm-raised woman who lived her whole life outside a little town in southern Norway, wore aprons every day.  So do I.  At any time I can be found puttering around the … Continue reading

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True Cost

Those of us who make and use what we make are aware of the “true cost” (or at least truer cost) of, for instance, knitting a sock, weaving a hand towel, crocheting a blanket, carding fleece, spinning yarn and dying … Continue reading

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“So Last Century”

In an email exchange with the creative fiber artist, designer and blogger Kiwiyarns, I told her that I had decided to never again wear dark business suits: I don’t think they’re flattering, and they make me look as if I’m … Continue reading

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Goorin Brothers in SF: Hats Made in the USA

The large retail store I visited yesterday carried fedora-style hats made in China.  This afternoon, walking back up the hill to North Beach from the wharf area, I swung by Goorin Brothers North Beach Hat Shop (est. 1896,, on … Continue reading

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Fiber, stores & origin

Yesterday I left Thor to his own devices for several hours and walked around San Francisco. After I emerged at Chinatown gates, I visited a large retail store – the one where for years Thor has been buying his khaki … Continue reading

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Today I walked on Grant Avenue through San Francisco’s Chinatown and was met with  what seemed to be hundreds of colorful scarfs dangling in the wind.  As the pictures show, they were labeled as 100% Pashmina, and the prices were … Continue reading

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Foucault & Fiber

Though I had several theory classes while an undergraduate at Berkeley, it wasn’t until I was a grad student taking a theory class on post-modern feminism that I was introduced to Michel Foucault and his exploration of resisting power.  I still … Continue reading

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Slow Clothes/Slow Fibers

The “slow food” movement interests me. Indeed, Thor and I endeavor to buy local and seasonal produce. I have started canning again – something that was part of my regular chores growing up. All of this has a price, though. … Continue reading

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My Trip to Walmart

The towels I wove Thor for a Valentine’s Day surprise were, of course,  cotton.  The yarn I used was “Peaches & Cream” (14 oz. cone, 706  yards).  This was my first time using it – a yarn spun in Canada from cotton … Continue reading

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