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Fun with Fibers …

Thanks to my friend K’s enthusiasm for learning anything and all things fiber, I am returning to my fiber work with the most interest I’ve felt since the November 2016 U.S. presidential election. Most recently, K wanted to try dyeing.  … Continue reading

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Heddles & the Electoral College

Two topics:  About Heddles and, below that, if you are interested in U.S. politics, About the U.S. Electoral College. About Heddles I set up my new (one previous owner) floor loom, a Gilmore 8-harness loom (54″ weaving width), and I … Continue reading

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In the Midst of Chaos …

… a lot of fun! Despite the fact that we are gearing up to move a distance of several hours drive north to our new home, I am busy with fiber-related projects.  I can’t knit as all my knitting supplies … Continue reading

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Working With Bumps

Have you seen the “bumps” of alpaca rug yarn that seem to be popular at fiber fairs and events?  Some are all alpaca, others have cotton or rayon blend cores.  (These cotton-cored alpaca bumps are from Las Flores del Altiplano … Continue reading

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Wool Strips for Rug Weaving

Last weekend I attended Fort Umpqua Days in Elkton, Oregon (pic source).  I enjoyed watching the period recreations (e.g., blacksmithing, dyeing, baking in big cast iron pots, etc.).  Not surprisingly, I especially liked the room at the fort used by … Continue reading

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Hope Springs Eternal

As I blogged earlier, I had hoped that 8-year old Granddaughter F and I would be weaving side by side during her visit with us this summer.  Well, as Alexander Pope said, “hope springs eternal in the human breast,” so … Continue reading

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Weaving TOG Granddaughter F

Granddaughter F will be here in a few days!  Every visit my goal is to teach (or remind) her a hand craft.  This visit it is weaving (again), and my 15″ Cricket loom from Schacht awaits her.  (Her last weaving … Continue reading

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Finding Treasures

I enjoy roaming the aisles of used book stores.  Over the years I have found some amazing books for very little money.  Recently I came across a 1956 edition of A Handweaver’s Workbook by Heather G. Thorpe (originally published 1936, … Continue reading

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What Are Those Numbers?

Have you ever found a cone of interesting yarn, looked inside the cone, read “8/2 cotton,” 10/3 linen or “10/3 wool” and wondered what those numbers mean?  It’s the yarn or thread count.  The yarn count or thread count is … Continue reading

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Norwegian Weaving: Veskje (Threading Explanation)

Following my last blog post and with the English translation of Norwegian weaving terms I prepared, a weaver should be able to decipher the instructions below.  (Give it a try!)   Yet probably still confusing for English-speaking weavers in their first attempt … Continue reading

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