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Another LYS Going

Sometime in the first quarter of 2014, Artfibers – my favorite San Francisco yarn store – is closing its store on Sutter Street and will be an on-line store only. Unlike most LYS, Artfibers does not sell any commercially prepared yarns.  Their … Continue reading

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LYS, ILY & Carbon Footprints

Fiber artists and crafters vary greatly on the topic of LYS (local yarn store) vs. IYS (internet yarn store). This is a rather tangled subject and gets more so when one factors in carbon footprints. Your carbon footprint is the … Continue reading

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Knitting-Related Birthday Gifts

Thor’s birthday gifts to me took my breath away. Package No. 1:  This is the newest addition to my essential knitting supplies – purchased at REI.  This head lamp (the Cosmo) by Black Diamond allows me to knit in all … Continue reading

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Swatching in an Unusually Warm San Francisco

We just experienced the year’s record heat in SF: 91F/38C! Thor and I took a (very) long walk along the Marina beach to Fort Point (built 1853-1861) built beneath the Golden Gate. (We took this picture with our backs toward … Continue reading

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Swatching at Artfibers

I just discovered Artfibers in San Francisco (www.artfibers.com). Soon after arriving in SF I discovered I lost 2 of my 5 sock needles (on which I had a project) en route! Yelp directed me to the nearest yarn store: Artfibers. … Continue reading

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