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Another Devotion?

Perhaps “addiction” or “obsession” rather than “devotion” would be more appropriate in this post’s title!  While I planned on filling our new house with hand made rugs, since meeting Una Walker of Wooly Walkers on the first day of at … Continue reading

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Fun @ BSG

Last night I received a text from my friend Summer in California asking whether I planned on attending the annual Black Sheep Gathering (BSG), held in Eugene, Oregon.  (It started this morning, Friday, June 24, and runs through Sunday, June … Continue reading

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Smarter Socks

When Thor and I left San Francisco, we settled in an area where the winter climes were much colder.  We needed wool socks! From time to time in the SF Bay Area I wore wool socks, but not often.  Thus, … Continue reading

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This, That & Black Sheep Gathering!

One of the best things about Eugene is that it hosts annual the Black Sheep Gathering (June 20-22, 2014).  I plan to attend every day (of course)!  This last week I have been counting the days until it opens – … Continue reading

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Burns & Knitting

As any knitter or crocheter knows, illness or injury can provide a wonderful opportunity to work on our art without feeling guilty. Recently a glass pitcher in which I was steeping hot tea (that eventually would have become iced tea), … Continue reading

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Grabbing the Interest of the Impatient Knitter

Before my daughter started school she would sit on my lap while I knit, her hands resting on my lap.  “Look!  I’m knitting,” she would happily exclaim.  Soon she morphed into putting her hands under my hands.  “Look!  I’m knitting … Continue reading

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